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NEW: gray! and purple!

The ideal gift for friend or frenemy can now be yours.

"Really, really cool, Steven!! Like a splattered fever dream
inside the mind of the creator.
Raucous and poignant, both - my favorite combo!!"

author of Haiku Tunnel, Red Diaper Baby and much other greatness

"Reading a page and contemplating each drawing is a dense and absorbing process... so impossible to decipher that they become open-ended."

Elaine Velie, Hyperallergic, October 2022  

ALSO AVAILABLE: Speed Paste Minicomic: The Zine
the culmination of a lifetime’s madness in 22 pages, free shipping if you order it with a shirt (whatever option you select I will refund, too complicated to create more buttons on this online store right now).

magnificently silkscreen printed with the guidance of Econographics 
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