This Manifesto Needs An Update

Including the manifesto history here.

As of Summer 2023, after the squeeek series of animations/paintings, Speed Paste Robot shifted more explicitly to minicomics and hand drawn images. 

All images/words are being filtered through my hand, pen, brush. 

Comics syntax to the front. 


The original Speed Paste Robot Manifesto 2012-2022:

I use cutout text printouts, paper, glue and ink to forge an impure intersection of word and image.


1. "What, do you want to make art like some kind of robot?" YES. 

2. This work is about voices in my head, in the city, which we are all surrounded by. Conversations, texts, graffiti, interior monologue.

3. I just can't get over Batman 1966 fight scenes: POW. BAM. What if your interior moments were choreographed fight scenes?

4. Words become figures. Also ground. 

5. Drawing is a mark, it activates the page, it creates boundaries and decorates the soul. A cartoon does the same thing but is impure and more fun.  

6. The nozzle of my inkjet printer and the ink splatter of my bamboo pen are the peanut butter and jelly of Speed Paste Robot. 

7. Legible vs illegible, spacious vs cluttered. I'm interested and want to explore both. Dissonance, noise, fractures give more energy to harmonies.